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Become a Member of The Karat Club: What you Get, How It Works

The Karat Club is an exclusive group of members who receive perks & benefits based upon their membership status. The Karat Club was created in order to bring our community closer together, remind you of how special you are, and a way for us to say thank you.

We currently offer two tiers to The Karat Club - Gold Member, and Diamond Member

Diamond Member

The most exclusive group of members in our Karat Club. All Diamond Members have spent over $5,000.00 with RoseGold Apparel, and have also subscribed to our newsletter. Not only will you receive points to be redeemed on purchases, you will also have early access to new product releases before anyone else.

Additionally, enjoy invitations to VIP events, and monthly discount codes to always save. Do you have a creative side? Be included in our latest product surveys, and contribute to the brand vision by customizing items with color, style, molds, and more.
Personalized Member Card
Exclusive product releases only to diamond members
Monthly discount codes specifically for you
Enjoy VIP special events for product releases, collaborations, and celebrations
Contribute to brand vision by surveying unreleased products
Start earning points with each purchase
Redeem points for discounts
Be A Part Of Our Lifestyle

Gold Member

Everyone has the opportunity to become a Gold Member of the Karat Club by subscribing to our newsletter. In doing so, you will start earning points from purchases that can be redeemable on any future order. You will also be the first to know about new product releases, collaborations, limited quantities, and more.
Receive your personalized Gold Member card
Be the first to know about new product releases
New collaborations and limited quantity updates
Start earning points with each purchase
Redeem points for discounts

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