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The Fashion Trends of 2023

The Fashion Trends of 2023

It's hard to say exactly what the latest fashion trends of 2023 will be, but there are a few key themes that are likely to shape the direction of t...

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RoseGold Apparel was created in the summer of 2016 starting with only one velvet loafer and belt. Since then, we are now in over seven countries, seen in Nordstrom, GQ, ELLE, and Harper's bazaar Magazines, and have grown to over 50 products.

year 2


During our second year in business, we added a variety of cufflinks and two new shoes - A tassel loafer, and a belted loafer with our signature RG logo in rose gold. It was at this point when we started offering outfits for the modern man to match, instead of just items in rose gold. We capitalized on the vision of making the color rose gold masculine and accessible - bringing watches, shoes, belts, and accessories together. 

Year 3


During our third year of business we kicked it off with a launch party for RoseGold Apparel, announcing the partnership of a new manufacturer creating our first collection of custom made accessories, and hand made Italian calf leather shoes and belts. Additionally, RoseGold Apparel was selected as an exculsive holiday season Pop-Up inside Nordstrom Galleria, Dallas.

Year 4


In 2019 we started the production of more smaller leather goods such as wallets, and bags. Additionally we started designing and manufacturing a new collection of closed channel stitched dress shoes and loafers.

Year 5-6


2020 was an interesting year...I think we can all agree to that. In this time, we opened a new location in Miami, Florida. Mid 2021 we finally released our collection of closed channel shoes that were designed in 2019. Additionally, we released our first women's line, ROSEGIRLS. This was a full collection of women's bracelets, necklaces, earrings, glasses, and more.

Year 7


This year we are scaling even further. Our latest release being sunglasses, shoulder bags, card holders, and more dress shoes! All items are handmade and curated to outfit the modern elegant man.