How to look sharp in RoseGold's Malcolm Monk Straps

Dress shoes catch the eye and pull together the entire outfit. When talking about the Malcolm monk strap dress shoes, they are a subtle attention grabber that portrays confidence and elegance. Any fancy word may fall short of scratching off its excellent features. At times, even T-shirt and sneaker fans also need to go for other options to dress sharp. Heighten your outfit with the Malcolm Monk strap shoes that pair well with an array of styles.

Most of you reading this are probably aware of typical dress shoes, but do you know about monk straps? Monk straps are a popular variant of your regular dress shoes, often identified with their classic buckle strap in place of laces. What Makes the Malcolm Monk Straps different, are the buttons instead of the buckles. Not to mention the buttons are in the color rose gold, it is a unique and innovative way to mix up the traditional style of monk straps.

Monk straps aren't your formal Oxford or Derbies; they are a versatile variant. The monk strap dress shoes can be easily mixed in formal, semi-formal, and casual attire as well. Whether with a suit or jeans, these new monk straps add elegance and sophistication to your appearance.

Once opening your new pair of Monk Straps and smelling the Italian calf leather, let’s walk you down on how to match them! Presenting you a specific Monk strap matching guide using the Rose Gold Monk strap dress shoes collection as a reference.

Let's dive in!

1. Matching Malcolm Monk Strap Dress Shoes- (Black)

Everyone should own a pair of black dress shoes in their wardrobe, and monk straps typically make the mix due to their sleek and fashionable style. If you don’t, you might be missing a trick in the dress shoe saga. Black dress shoes are perfect for a formal occasion. Often worn for gala dinners, business presentations and so on, black dress shoes are essential in your journey to dress for success.

Handcrafted in Brazil out of Italian calf leather and complimented with polished rose gold plated hardware, RoseGold Apparel’s Malcolm Monk straps are an eye catching shoe you must have.

The Malcolm monk strap is a perfect blend of style and substance, varying in the unique button instead of a buckle strap. Hand stitched by world renown artisans, the craftsmanship is on an elite level to be compared to some of the best footwear construction in the world.

The black Malcolm Monk strap dress shoes pair best with grey, blue, and burgundy colored dress slacks or casual jeans. Wether a night on the town or a formal wedding, these monk straps allow you to stand out while you fit it.

2. Matching Malcolm Monk Strap Dress Shoes- (Cafe Tan)

Cafe The Malcolm monk strap dress shoes in cafe lightens your outfit and attracts slightly more attention than the black dress monk straps. Paired incredibly well with the matching RoseGold Apparel cafe belts, this combination is a stunning look.

A very fresh, fashionable, and unique twist on usual brown or tan dress shoes, the Malcolm Monk dress shoes in cafe will have you receiving compliments as long as you wear them.

Also handmade in Sao Paulo, Brazil and sourced from Italian calf leather, these shoes are Blake-Welt stitched and fully lined leather. They hold a 1.25 inch-heel, and are complimented by the polished rose gold plated buttons. Have the option of showing one, or two buttons of the shoe depending on your preferred pant hem.

This light tan colored leather pairs impeccably with any shade of blue, and also grey. For the quality and price, there is no better versatile dress shoe than the RoseGold Apparel Malcolm Monk Strap.